The Styled By Amy Collection 4-1-1

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Styled By Amy has evolved into more than just a place for fashion no style advice,  the biggest news is the launch of the Styled By Amy Collection!  Many new pieces have just been added to the website.

Most people know that I have been in the fashion and style business for many years as both a stylist and a store owner. However, few people know that  I started making jewelry when I was very young.  I believe I was 11 to be exact. I sold that jewelry as well! I’m not quite sure how I ever got away from it. School must have gotten in the way but it’s my passion and present and future.

My newly launch collection features beautiful findings from around the world combined with semi precious stones.  I have precious stones and diamonds on the horizon. Each piece is unique. Each  peace speaks to me.  Each piece is made with great care and love.

I am currently working on brightly colored and white pieces for summer.  Please come back check out my blog regularly for all of latest designs.  I will be posting coupons for my latest pieces right here.  If you want something designed it just for you, please reach out! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


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Styled By Amy

Styled By Amy