Great Finds For Earth Day 2010

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The newest trend in fashion isn’t as much a specific look as it is social responsibility. Of course, there are runway looks that we are paying attention to but top designers are equally focused on eco-friendly designs and manufacturing. So for Earth Day 2010, we are celebrating the fantastic and stylish green products that are available.

Several years ago, eco-friendly fashions we hard to find and blah but today, they are fashionable. I have to put together a list of my favorite finds for Earth Day 2010 and will explain to you a bit more about why they are green. You can be both stylish and eco-conscious.

1. Bloom Ruby Knot Front Dress By Jonano:

This dress is simply chic. The sultry silhouette feels and looks incredibly soft. It’s great for day or evening. Try it with your favorite sandals or caged heels to be completely on trend. The Jonano brand was created to honor Mother Earth. The dress is made with machine washable viscose from organic bamboo and organic cotton/spandex blend. $75.00

Bloom Ruby Dress Jonano

2. Pick Your Letters Neck By Sima Gilady:

I love this concept: custom, reasonably priced, and recycled! Gilady works with recycled metals and limits her use of oxides, patinas, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Her collection has a variety of beautiful pieces. I adore this piece in particular as it mixes gold, silver, and sparkle. I chose to customize my necklace with each of my dogs names but the options are endless. These are fantastic gifts for mother’s, grandmother’s, or to celebrate a special occasion. $49.00

Pick Your Letters Necklace Sima Gilady

3. Goody Green Bags:

Most people I know are carrying a reusable bag these days and if they aren’t, they should. It’s a simple and easy way to eliminate pollution and save trees. With Goody Green Bags you can be green and be stylish. Goody Green Bags are made from non-woven polypropylene – a coated, water resistant material that is light-weight, durable, fire resistant, water resistant, washable and recyclable. Each bag folds into the size of an envelope, can hold 2 gallons of milk with additional groceries, and has a roomy from pocket for small items. They have 8 fun colorful prints to choose from. $8.95 for 1 or $39.95 for a 5 pack.

Goody Green Bags Sample Pack

4. Bamboo Masa Glasses By Amy Sacks Eyewear:

Amy Sacks Eyewear has launched the Masa collection. Available with magnifying or sunglass lenses, they are made from hand carved stained bamboo temples with a complementary acetate frame front. Equally attractive on men and women, Masa comes in colors ranging from natural to neon and is a stylish, sustainable choice for your glasses. Bamboo is renowned for its beauty, strength and sustainability. It is lightweight, longwearing and less susceptible to warping than wood. Bamboo does not require replanting after harvest and some species can grow more than two feet in a single day. Farmed bamboo helps reduce soil erosion, produces oxygen and provides animal habitats. I love these fashionable eco-friendly  frames eco-friendly. $155.00

Amy Sacks Bamboo Masa Glasses

5. Infinity Skirt/Dress By Earth Creations:

I LOVE a multi-purpose garment, especially one that doesn’t wrinkle. The Infinity

Skirt/Dress by Earth Creations is a great green travel piece. Wear this 3 ways as a dress: halter, strapless, or one-shoulder dress. Or wear it two different variations as a skirt. The Infinity Skirt/Dress is available in 8 colors, including black. Made of 90% organic cotton and 10% lycra jersey. Earth Creations uses sweatshop-free labor, eco-dyes, and manufactures in the USA. $72.00

Earth Creations Infinity Dress

6. Mimosa Earrings By Prismera:

These fun and eco-inspired earrings are stylish and green. Made of steel, which is the most recycled material in the world and almost all hazardous waste once generated by the steel industry is now being recycled for beneficial use. More steel is recycled annually than all other materials, including aluminum, glass, and paper combined. Additionally, stainless steel is an extremely durable material and needs the smallest amount of maintenance (a quick and gentle wash in soap and water). This is important for jewelry that is worn every day and will last for years to come. $70.00

Prismera Mimosa Earrings

7. Lusturous Heels By Cocolico:

Every woman loves her shoes, however not all shoes love the Earth. These beautiful Lustrous Sapphire colored platform heels by Coclico are not only chic and eco-friendly, but they are comfortable too. Coclico is committed to using more vegetable tanned leathers from local sources close to their factory. While leather use is controversial, it is a by-product of the meat industry and they are making use of the discarded skins. Coclico is also using recycled hardware, padding made from crushed olives, as well as wood and cork from sustainable forests. Coclico has created a truly luxurious green shoe brand. They have many other great styles too. $379.00

Coclico Lustrous Sandals

8. Market Tote & Picnic Clutch By Sheila Odessey:

Sheila Odessey has a fashionable solution to plastic bag waste. Her handbags are hand-woven with various recycled plastics from dry

cleaner bags to plastic shopping bags and unused trash bags. Depending on the color and graphics of each individual plastic bag, a one-of-a-kind design and texture is created when woven into cloth. These handbags transform plastic into something surprisingly unique

and amazing. 60,000 plastic bags are used every 5 seconds in the United States alone! This product assists in saving landfills from an item that takes 700 years to decompose. We love the Picnic Clutch for a chic look with a sundress or the Market Tote for your everyday needs. Sheila Odessey offers a bag to fit anyone’s size or color preferences. Picnic Clutch $25, Market Clutch $125.00.

Sheila Odessey Market Tote

Check out all these great finds at the Earth Day Boutique!

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Styled By Amy

Styled By Amy